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Fajardo Fishing Extravagaza March #2

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Fajardo Fishing Extravagaza March #2
Hello again From PR

One week at the dock due to hard weather 9-10ft swells combined with 24knot + winds and started fishing again Tuesday 3/12. Fished the PR trench marlin Alley for one full day. less than a week past from the full moon and the water was green up to 6 miles not much bait and technically completed the day with a few strikes and releases from cudas and smokers.
The seas still weren't flat they were sporty.
Fished the protected waters for two days with families with youngsters and had fun with the mighty cudas, smokers and mutton snappers.
For the past few days there was a lot of talk around the docks of the south drop ( Vieques Caribbean side) having some Bill fish action, mostly blues in the 60-100 # range. Fished hard on the 3/15 the south drop for a full day and it was another episode of " you should have been here yesterday"
The water was electric blue, tons of huge flying fish everywhere, marlin weed and Sargasso patches in well defined currents. But got skunky reggae muffin, not even one bite, raised or anything. The only screaming from the reels came from the mighty cudas and smokers as we ran in the shallows.
We still will be fishing hard this weekend and next week so sit still for the next report.

till next bite
capt Luis Iglesias
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