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Electric/scofeild w/ Grandpa

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Electric/scofeild w/ Grandpa
It's been a while since I've been able to go fishing so I decided to take my boys fishing with their Grandpa yesterday. It's the first time I've taken them both of them fishing with Grandpa so I was really hoping to get them into some fish to keep them excited about fishing. We all caught fish so the day was a success.

With the warm weather I thought Electric Lake may have some open water so we stopped there first. There is a couple of small pockets of open water by the inlets. The water there is very muddy. The fishing wasn't fast and furious, but we all caught a fish. After a couple of hours there we decided to head to Schofeild to try our luck there. We first stopped below the dam to stock up on some chubs for bait and so the boys could catch a bunch of fish. We succeeded on both counts and the boys had fun catching fish on their Spiderman and Lightening Mcqueen fishing poles. We then headed up to the main lake to see if we could catch some trout. I baited up the boys poles and before I could get mine in the water the Spiderman pole started to bounce. It was a pretty little cut. We fished there for a couple of hours and probably caught close to a dozen fish. Mostly cutts with a couple of tigers mixed in. My 4 year old even caught one all by himself when I was down the shore trying to catch a fish for myself and my Dad was down the shore the other way. I here my boy yell that he had one and look back to see him reel in a nice 14 inch cutt. He was pretty proud of that one and so was I.

If the weather stays warm the ice should really start coming off those lakes within the next week or so. I didn't go past Huntington, Cleavland, or the dam of Electric but got a report that they are still iced over. Cleavland is starting to open up and I bet the others will be opening up soon.

All in all it was a great day. Weather was perfect all day. Overcast with no wind. The boys caught fish and had a great time. I attached a couple pictures of the boys fish. Hope you enjoy!
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Re: [jamon_negro] Fishing w/ Grandpa In reply to
Awesome, I love the look on a kids face when they catch a fish...the smile lasts a week at my house...
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Re: [jamon_negro] Electric/scofeild w/ Grandpa In reply to
If you don't mind me asking what were you catching the chubs on and where exactly were you fishing? I wouldn't mind stocking up on some chubs for bait. Looks like an awesome day, still fighting my work schedule so I can get my boys out too.

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Re: [jamon_negro] Electric/scofeild w/ Grandpa In reply to
i was up there the other day too i was just potgut hunting tho.. they are coming out now.. E-lake was reay muddy on the south end still iced in on the north end. cleveland, huntington still iced up for the most part.. about 2 to 3 weeks i would say if not longer..


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Re: [fishluvr] Electric/scofeild w/ Grandpa In reply to
There are thousands of chubs right below the dam. We were using a small jig head below a bobber with a piece of worm or small price of chub
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Re: [UVUbass] Fishing w/ Grandpa In reply to
My five year old still hasn't stopped talking about the trip I took him on last summer. I didn't get to fish as much as I wanted to, but it was worth it to see my boys catch some fish

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