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First trip with my new rod= success


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First trip with my new rod= success
Today I was able to hit the Weber and try out my new rod and reel. I've been thinking about upgrading for a while now and decided on a 9ft 5wt Echo Carbon and a Lamson Guru reel. I am amazed at the difference between this set up and what I have been using.

I arrived at around 12:00 and only caught 2 by 1:30 but after that it got hot and I landed between 13-15 more by 3:30 I honestly lost count which has never happened to me but then again I've never been in double digits. I lost another 4 or 5 as well. There was one point when I caught 3 fish on 3 casts (another first for me). I realize the new gear didn't necessarily equal more fish but it was a lot of fun and nice to get some confidence using it right away.

Overall a great day and my best yet using a fly rod.
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Re: [Dr.Lumber] First trip with my new rod= success In reply to
Good to hear the new set up worked well.

When i first started fly fishing in Utah, and my girlfriend developed the hobby of slamming the trunk, the door, or rolling the window on my fly rods I was using Wal-mart specials...I caught plenty of fish, but was I ever tired after a day on the river.

Then she dumped me and I up-graded fly rods....I won't mention the brand, but the difference wasn't in the number of fish I caught, but in the way I felt after catching them. The ease to which the casts are made, and how it handled the fight...I'm NOT brand picky, but I'm good rod picky. Lifetime guarantee are my key words.

But back to your day. Aint it fun to lose count?! Sometimes we luck out and have the right fly on when it's the one they want!

Well played.
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Re: [tageater] First trip with my new rod= success In reply to
I agree completely. Last year at this same time, I purchased a $60 combo outfit with fly rod, reel, fly line, and leader. I quickly learned I needed to replace the leader, but other than that, the outfit still caught plenty of fish.

Upgraded in July to a better rod, but my wife fished with the $60 outfit and still caught plenty of fish.

Made a major upgrade at the SLC Fly Fishing Expo, and while I don't necessarily anticipate I'll catch more fish, just the feel and look of the casts is so much more fun.

By the way Dr. Lumber, any hints on the technique that was so successful? Always interested in hearing on local rigs that work
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Re: [kandersonSLC] First trip with my new rod= success In reply to
I have had success with sow bugs and hares ears before. Yesterday I tried a few different things but had the most success with a pheasant tail about a foot below split shot with a BWO barr's emerger a foot below the pheasant tail. They seemed to hit both pretty well.

Hope this helps.

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