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Strawberry Marina 3/26

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Strawberry Marina 3/26
I fished Strawberry about 3/4 mile out from the marina today. I got kind of a late start, I wasn't fishing until about 8:30. I fished in 20 FOW, and saw OK numbers until about 10:30. I stayed until 12:30 and caught 7 total - 2 rainbows and 5 slot cuts. The rainbows were higher around 10', the cuts where all lower.

It was tough to get bites, and most were soft. The best bite came on small ratfinkees, yellow and green, tipped with about 1/8" to 1/4" of nightcrawler.

I caught one nice 18" rainbow on a 1 1/2" salt+pepper tube (only fish that took that lure). It was by far the best fight of the day, peeling line down to the bottom a couple times before I got it up.

I drilled several holes in the morning looking for fish, and the ice is pretty uneven. Some spots were 18+", others were more like 12". But still lots of ice. I saw a 4 wheeler coming back and it was having no problems at all, not sinking in a bit.
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Re: [dregs] Strawberry Marina 3/26 In reply to
Nice report. Good to see some Bows coming through the ice.