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World Record Smallmouth
It is time for people to know the truth about the David Hayes Smallmouth that the IGFA removed as the world record.
The truth is that after extensive investigation the Fishing Hall of Fame and the State of Tennessee now recognize the David Hayes Fish at 11 pounds 15 ounces.
The only evidence that the fish was salted (weight added) is an affidavit by a man named Barlow
). The affidavit drawn up by one John Barlow indicated that Mr. Barlow had inserted weights in the fish without the knowledge of David Hayes. The IGFA removed the record from the books. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Fishing Hall of Fame followed suit in short order removing the fish from their records also.

Thanks to hard work and the determination to get the truth about the biggest smallmouth ever caught, Larry Self, a journalist from Tennessee, and Ron Fox of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, are on the verge of getting the record restored. So far the Freshwater Hall of Fame has reinstated the record and Kentucky is considering. The State of Tennessee never waivered on the record. Upon finally getting a look at the affidavit that Mr. Barlow had taken out, they discovered it was not signed by Mr. Barlow, and it was not signed or notarized by the clerk of the court. Further investigation also brought up problems with the affidavit. Ira Barlow, the brother of John Barlow (who since died), took a lie detector test and passed, stating that his brother, John, was nowhere near the Cedar Hill Dock when the fish was weighed and certified by Tennessee authorities. He went on to say that the reason for the deposition was that Mr. Barlow had argued with the Cedar Hill Dock management and was no longer welcome there.

Other problems with the salting have come up also. Granville "Lightnin" Madison was at Wisdom Dock that day. Turns out David Hayes took the fish to Wisdom first as it was closest to the spot where he caught the fish. The fish was weighed in front of Lightnin and Oral Burtram, a Kentucky Water Police Officer. In a statement made in front of witnesses, Mr. Madison not only recalled the weight of the fish, but the correct approximate time of the weigh in at Wisdom Dock. I have a copy of the signed statement Mr. Madison made. Officer Burtram has died, but notes he left, according to sources, indicate that he witnessed the weigh in of an 11 pound 15 ounce smallmouth bass.

Thus the fish was weighed on an uncertified scale at Wisdom Dock before the official weigh in at Cedar Hill (which had a certified scale). It weighed the same as the official weight from the scale at Cedar Hill Dock. Sort of hard to happen if 3 pounds of weight was added. Not to mention that the weights were identical WITH added weight!

So far the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame has reinstated the David Hayes smallmouth to its rightful place. The IGFA has failed so far to do so, but they are still being informed of all of the evidence.

A funny thing happened on the way to the trash bin with this record. Forty years ago Field and Stream, which originally kept the All Tackle World Records information, heard about the Barlow affidavit in the 50’s and sent a reporter to investigate. He determined from interviews that the information included in the affidavit was false and that no weight had been added to the fish. In the transfer of records and information to the IGFA, the report was apparently lost....OOPS!

UPDATE: At this time the IGFA refuses to reopen the case. It stated at one point in my investigation that it had more information than just the Affidavit, but has been unable or unwilling to produce it. Even sending me on a 3 week wild goose chase of old articles in Bass Master Magazine, only to find out in the magazine that the only thing against the record was the affidavit of Mr. Barlow. I have interviewed several people that the IGFA says have given testimony about the fish only to find out that the people did not state that the fish does not weigh 11 pounds 15 ounces. I also have found out that the IGFA has lost vital evidence on at least one other Freshwater Record. A picture of the World Record Walleye is reportedly missing after the IGFA loaned it out for evaluation. It was the only picture of the fish known to exist. Common sense would dictate that a copy would be made for safety but that was apparently not done.

Please write to the IGFA and ask them to reinstate the Hayes Smallmouth Record.
Jim Dicken
Free Lance Writer