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Welcome Back to the SLAM'n Salmon...

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Welcome Back to the SLAM'n Salmon River in Pulaski NY!
Will this years King and Coho Salmon Run be a HERO or a ZERO? (Latest on our Steelhead)

Lets take a look - by Randy Jones.

1. The last 2 years, the Majority of Salmon didn't run during our normally productive late Sept. - first week of Oct. Leaving many of you disappointed. The bulk came in the early part of the 2nd week of Oct. Making the Salmon fishing great until the end of Oct.

2. The last couple of years the numbers of King and Coho Salmon were down a little. The average size of the Salmon were down also. This was confirmed by "some" of the Charter Boat Capt's on Lake Ontario last summer.

3. We had Drought conditions last Salmon season. Which caused less water to be released from the dam. Resulting in a VERY low emergency release of 185 cfs. Which didnt help.

GREAT Salmon River NEWS This Year!

1. A good indication for this years Salmon Run. Is to see how "most" of the Full-Time Charter Boat Capt's. on the Lake are doing this Summer. My Capt. friends are reporting - More Salmon and Bigger average size!
MORE Great News - Lake Ontario's salmon fishing 'on fire' lately despite high water levels. -

2. No drought this year! Ye-haa! Presently, we have an abundance of water for a normal water flow release of approx. 335 cfs into the Salmon River. Throw in a Good rain storm, low-light and a strong West wind and it's GAME ON!

In Closing:
With most conditions being different this year, compared to the last 2 years. My Crystal Ball says it will be a better Salmon Season. It won't be a ZERO. So Lets all hope for a HERO!

P.S. - Know one can predict exactly when the BIG RUN of Salmon will happen. So please stop emailing and calling me about - When is the BIG RUN going to happen! - yuk yuk ;)

Latest on our Steelhead:
Once again, the Capt's on the Lake are report decent #'s. Better than the last 2 summers. Should see mostly 6 to 10 lb. Steelhead in the river this season. From the big stocking they did a few years back. Fingers crossed! :)


YOUR Current Salmon River NY Fishing Report.

Couple of early August King Salmon in the river now. With 1 or 2 entering daily. Not worth the trip yet.
Mostly Bass with a few Brown Trout around and a chance for a Trophy Steelhead or Atlantic Salmon!

THERE IS A CHANCE you could hit a Trophy Atlantic Salmon in the River Now!

Atlantic Salmon are making a re-bound on the Salmon River.

A guide friend who was targeting them over the summer off his drift boat landed 9.
A weekend fishing Friend of mine landed 3 in 3 trips up here.
Another friend counted 4 jumping in different parts of the river in 1 day.

What helped this summer was we had periods of abnormally high water. From May thru July. They also had enough water to do their weekend white water releases. This always helps!
Plus, the DEC. are seeing better returns over the last few years. In all their methods to count.

Still not a lot of'm, but you never know.


Local Salmon River NY Summer Fishing News.
The new Dunkin Donuts across from Aldi's is open. If you go to the old one, you'll be waiting a Loooooong time for your coffee and you might MISS the BIG RUN! ;)
The Long Bridge is closed for repairs, maybe for several months. If your fishing the Long Bridge Pool this Salmon season. Be careful the Bridge doesn't fall on yer head! ;)


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Best Fish's, Randy Jones
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