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The first really nice weekend..........

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The first really nice weekend.......... far this year. Sunny, light breeze, high clouds, warm temps in the high 60's, and LOTS of water everywhere.
Wanted to get the boat out one more time to be sure all is ready for the flotilla next month. After getting several errands done Friday, got launched at Willard south about 930 a.m. Air temp was about 48, water temp in the marina was also 48, lots of water coming in at the baffles and it is keeping water temp down until you get out onto main body of lake at least 1/2 mile. Water is quite muddy looking and has lots of debris floating.

Headed east toward Freeway Bay where it seemed most of the boats that I could see were in that direction slow trolling, or drifting. Got to just off the feed lot in about 12 fow, shut down and anchored out. Started working thru several choices of plastics (Gulps) crawlers, and cut bait. On the water about 45 minutes, got one of those adrenaline pumping, reel drag stripping, rod going bendo type hits that we usually attribute to a Wiper (hopefully) or a big aggressive Carp (well to kill a skunk, Ill take it). Got the rod out of the holder, took a couple turns on the drag, about a dozen cranks on the reel, could feel the weight and head shake, then ..............
Reeled in to find the cut bait was almost stripped off the hook, and pretty chomped up. Never saw the fish.

And the rest of the day was beautiful, calm, no bugs, and no fish Frown At leaving the water temp in the main body of lake, southern section south and east of the island did get up to 55.
The main reason for the trip to functional check the Tin-Can, well that was good. Everything a go.
Well, sort of.....................backing boat into storage unit, didn't see any light on the left trailer tail light. OK a bad bulb, easy fix. Nope, turns out the bottom of the light assembly was cracked, and of course everything inside corrodedUnsure Well that's not uncommon. So, off to the parts store. But 2 new tail lights....cuz in my experience, you never just change the one bad one.
Replaced both, all good and road ready again.

Saturday, even nicer weather. Forecasters actually got it pretty close to spot on this time. Wife and I went to BRBR. Lots of bank tanglers out, and at least 3 boats on the river. Went all the way to the bottom and worked our usual plan. Stay at each spot about 1 hour unless catching, then move to new spot.
Second spot, landed what seems to be my quota so far this year. One Carp for fresh bait..............and thats all she wrote. Stopped at 3 more spots working our way back out, nada, nothing, zip, zilch.
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Re: [Tin-Can] The first really nice weekend.......... In reply to
Yup, best part about good weather this time of the year is that it is pre-bug weather. Nice, warm, pleasant, and no bugs... yet. I've got a feeling the skeeters are gonna be big, bad, and hungry this year with all the water we have.

Enjoy the good weather while we have it bug free.

Go get 'em!
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Re: [Boatloadakids] The first really nice weekend.......... In reply to
Iíve got 5 mesquite bites that are huge and rock solid from a fishing trip on my legs and the itch in the May commit me to to looney bin...thatís the reason Iím giving.

Respect the fish!
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Re: [Tin-Can] The first really nice weekend.......... In reply to
Thanks for the report Forest, I should follow your example and get my boat ready. I couldnít help myself and went fishing instead. Canít beat the weather on Friday. Fishing was fun too. But Iím actually seeing skeeters, just few in number so far. Thanks Jeff
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] The first really nice weekend.......... In reply to
We saw lots of midges and some wasps at the river, but no skeeters ......yet. I'll be carrying my head nets in the boat and in my tackle bag I take to the river from now on. Also have a good supply of Off! or Cutters with me at the river. Just wish there was some effective repellant for Deer flies and Horse flies, cuz those buggers at the river can be real mean suckers....Pirate
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Re: [Tin-Can] The first really nice weekend.......... In reply to
I'm with you on those deer and horse flies, they hurt bad and are sneaky buggers and end up getting me a couple times a summer... Let's vote them off the island... Later J