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Cast and Blast Monday
 Hit the marsh this morning with my brother. No wind, nearly full moon, bluebird day and we still got a few birds. They didn't decoy very well, but we ended up with 11 ducks and 4 geese between the two of us. It was a mixed bag of ducks for us both with me getting a mallard, gadwall, wigeon, shoveler and a green wing teal. Had 2 flocks of geese come over and I only got one. Knocked feathers out of a couple more but they just kept on going. As we were picking up the dekes, another flock tried coming in as well, but flared off. My brother got a banded goose. Lucky sucker.

I also took my rods with me for one last shot at a big cat. It wasn't meant to be, with only one decent bite which didn't hold on. The goose was a big old bird.
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Re: [Jig-fisher] Cast and Blast Monday In reply to
Looks like the blastin' was better than the castin'. Congrats. I've shot a lot of ducks but never a goose. Might have to take it up again.

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