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Brocks fishing report
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Lower Owens River Wild Trout Section: 12-October-10
The flows are dropping a bit, it is at 480 cfs. No telling when DWP is going to drop the river. The water temperature is in 60s. Fishing at this flow rate is doable but 4-5 'BB' size split shot is needed to get the fly down. Some flies to use would be Tiger midges, gold ribbed hares ears, ultra midges and pheasant tails in sizes 16-18. Streamers are also another good choice. A long sink tip is in order though. A 20-25 foot tip and 150-200 grains is good. Woolly buggers, spruceaboos and matukas are good choices. In the evening concentrate on the slower water. There have been fish rising to caddis.
Drifting the Lower Owens River: 12-October-10
Wait till the river drops a bit.
Lure fisherman are always welcome on my boat.
Owens River Gorge: 12-October-10
The fall is a great time to fish here. For the most part the fish in gorge feed opportunisticly so most any fly will do the trick. Just keep it 16 and smaller. I typically use a size 16 yellow or orange stimulator with a flashback bead head pheasant tail or a tiger midge as a dropper. Mid morning to mid afternoon is fine. Beware of rattle snakes and take plenty of water.

East Walker River: 12-October-10
The flows are at 85 cfs. The water is a tannin color.The fishing here has been good for the most part. Mid-morning there has been a BWO hatch. Try using BWO's, Sparkle Duns and Blue Duns in sizes 16-18. Nymphing with tiger midges, pheasant tails and caddis larva in sizes 16-18. For those that want to tug streamers try using woolly buggers matukas and hornburgs size 8-10. Fall is a good time to tug streamers here. You just may get one of the big boys. Late afternoon and evening try using caddis in sizes 16-18.
Crowley Lake: 12-October-10
Most of the action has been in the upper arm. Not to much going on in Mc Gee or Hilton For those of you that are midging, try using zebra and tiger midges in sizes 16-18, black and olive and olive crystal midges in the same size. So, if you are tugging streamers damsel nymphs, hornbergs and matukas would be good choices. Getting the fly on or as close to the bottom is best. Wherever you are fishing.
Pleasant Valley Reservoir: 12-October-10
Tubing near the inlet has been very productive using wooly buggers and matukas in olive and black. Most of what is being caught is the stockers. The best time to fish is early morning or evening, due to the heat.
Hot Creek: 12-October-10
Not much has changed here. It is still fishing very good. Early morning and late afternoon and evening are best. The weeds are up so look for the clear lanes and close to the bank. Try using wd 40s, ultra midges, tiger midges, pheasant tails on the bottom. Use a blue winged olive for the mayfly hatch. Sizes 18-20 blue winged olive should do the trick. For the caddis hatch use size 16-18 elk hair caddis, hot creek caddis. The key here is very small flies.

Upper Owens River: Above Benton Crossing Bridge 12-October-10
The fishing here has been good. Some days have been better than others though Nymphing with pheasant tails, hares ears, tiger midges, tiger midges and wd 40s has been working very well. Stripping wooly buggers, matukas or zoo cougars should do the trick. Not a lot of big fish but every now and then one of the big boys come out of nowhere and latch onto your fly.
San Joaquin (Reds Meadow) 12-October-10
The water flows are good. The fish here typically feed opportunistically, so just about any fly will work. My favorite is a yellow or orange stimulator on top and a pheasant ail, tiger midge or a crystal midge on the bottom.

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