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Snoop357, Nickajack/TN River, Bream N...

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Snoop357, Nickajack/TN River, Bream N Redear, 5/7, Dad, Tyler
Today we were in search of the bull bream!! Didn't have much luck yesterday as we normally do!! Caught a lot of small fish and nothing to write home about!! We ended up keeping about 30 bream/red breast to clean and eat!! Today we started out about 3pm and fished to 6pm and had a live well full!! Went to a honey hole we hit every year and they were there!! We pulled about 50 off one spot, the fish were big averaging about 8" to 9" long! We had 4 go 10" and a HUGE redear/shell cracker hitting 11" and weighing right under a pound!! emoHoppingmad <br /><br />Hooked into one and I thought I had a shark on,, it was a crappie (this pic is for you WTK) I have been trying to catch them all spring long with no luck and I hook one on a cricket. emoScratch But hey they all taste the same!! It was right under 14" and 1.75 lbs!!! <br /><br />Over all I think the bream for the most part are not on beds yet!! I think it is still early!! Didn't get on them like years past!! Going back next weekend to get back at them!! They should be hammering by then!! emoToast<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
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Re: [FishNews] Snoop357, Nickajack/TN River, Bream N Redear, 5/7, Dad, Tyler In reply to
Hey there, thanks for the report.

I took my family to the Nickajack damn Saturday (5-8) for the first family fishing trip ever. And the first time I had done any real fishing in 20 years or more.

My boy caught a small drum for his first ever fish. Then about 30 minutes later got a nice size catfish, I think it was a flathead? It got loose before we could get it out of the water so I don't know how big it was.... looked to be about 24" long at least.

My youngest girl got a nice sized skipjack (was told that's what it was by an onlooker) and that was it for the day.

I was probably using the wrong hook, bobber, etc. as this first trip I was totally clueless about everything.

I don't suppose you could share that spot you found or suggest one around the area could you? :)

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