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ODFW stocking tiger trout in Fish Lake

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ODFW stocking tiger trout in Fish Lake
CENTRAL POINT, Ore. - ODFW will stock tiger trout fingerlings in Fish Lake for the first time on Wednesday, Oct. 19. Media is invited to the U.S. Forest Service boat ramp at 10 a.m. when the fish will be stocked.

"Tiger trout are a unique fish being used in a unique situation here at Fish Lake," said David Haight, Assistant District fish biologist. "They tend to be more aggressive and are easier to catch than other predatory trout like brown trout. They should also feed on the minnows - tui chub and fathead minnows - that are in Fish Lake and be catchable by next summer. Angling will be catch and release."

Haight explained the minnows were illegally introduced into Fish Lake and have taken over the lake's ecology and harmed the trout fishery. Fish Lake has been treated with rotenone several times over the years, but too many springs prevented an effective treatment. ODFW has also been stocking spring chinook to provide a better fishery for anglers.

"We're going to keep stocking spring chinook and will stock the tiger trout for several years. This combination has the potential to be a nice one-two punch of growing large fish on the exotic minnows that anglers will love to catch," Haight said.

ODFW is stocking about 1,500 tiger trout fingerlings this year. These fish are a sterile hybrid of brook trout and brown trout. Both brook trout and brown trout are currently present in parts of the Rogue watershed.



David Haight or Dan VanDyke (541) 826-8774

Meghan Collins (541) 440-3353

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