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Big pretty smart Catfish

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Big pretty smart Catfish
My grandma and gramps used to fish a pond out in Texas and catch some pretty good sized catfish. About every time they went though, gramma would hook a huge fish and every time she got it to a certain point it would break the line and she would lose it. So one day she hooked up with it and my granpa had her just hold it right there and he took off his clothes and swam out to see what it was hanging up on. He dove down in the water and what it was, was a big ol catfish living in an old car body and when ever it just about got drug out of it, it would roll the window up and cut the line! My grandma was a good ol' okie lady that lived a hard life. I wrote a good story about her that is funny to read in the blogs at if anyone wants to read it. Its too long to re-write but its funny and brings back some great memories of her and I am almost 60 years old. She used to like to say she followed the bread wrappers and balogna skins to california from back home. Like us all, including me, we picked cotton, cherries, walnuts and peas. I never knew we were poor!