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Skunked hardcore
Yep. I spent 3 hours on the kayak today throwing swimbaits, ratltraps, chatterbait...nothing! Soooo SKUNKED! The only inkling of luck I had was after sundown, a bass kept striking a popper I was tossing out. SO, is anyone catching stripers on lures anymore or is only live bait? I thought I was seeing those small boils that happen in the brush by the shore, but I was also seeing carp jumping and thrashing. So whats up? Is the power-stiper fishing season over?
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Re: [ihuntforfish] Skunked hardcore In reply to
I was thinking the same thing about needing bait, went out to callville last week for nada. The only fish we saw were a bunch of carp slurping on the surface.

It can be a daunting task to find fish out there especially without bait to bring them to you. Chumming can help bring them in even if you plan to use lures. Frozen bait is a hassle but this time of year it keeps a bit easier at least. I lost my cast net somewhere and haven't yet bought another Pirate.

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