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Panama Fishing Report- Huge Yellowfin...

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Panama Fishing Report- Huge Yellowfin Tuna, Big Mahi, Wahoo, Roosterfish and more.....

Panama Fishing Report
Come Fish Panama Lodge
by Capt. Kerry H. Leggett

Fishing this week to close out Come Fish Panama’s 2012 season were Chris, Brian, George and Steve, the latter coming all the way from Japan with a desire to catch his first Rooster Fish. Upon arrival and settling in their private state rooms, we provided a full tour of our three-story sports fishing lodge with cocktails in hand. These four anglers have known and fished with each other for more than 25 years, so it was wonderful to sit down and share stories of their times together. Meanwhile, Chef Argeli was putting the finishing touches on the fresh lobster dinner we would all enjoy tonight.

Mahi and Tuna Frenzy

Oh boy, is this an angler’s dream or what? I would definitely say so when you have an opportunity to fish a feeding frenzy and all hell breaks loose. We spotted birds working a washed out river log and eased up as close to the action as possible and threw out a live Blue Runner. Instantly the reel screamed and we were hooked up. Chris posted himself on the bow and threw out a popper and he too was on after a few turns of the big Shimano spinning reel. Another popper went out and Brian was on as well. Triple! For the next hour or so, we had multiple Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado (Mahi Mahi) hook ups with each angler getting a chance to feel the power of a bent rod. We kept what we wanted and released the rest to fight another day. During this fantastic action, we lost four poppers on fish just screaming by and breaking a tight line just below. We rigged Chris up with a Shimano Waxwing jig on a Terez 7'8” XH Rod matched with a Stella 20000, and he got bit by a monster Yellowfin. Chris fought it for over an hour and a half before a dozen or so Pilot Whales showed up next to the boat only to cut him off. Wow, talk about a letdown! It was enjoyable to see the Pilot Whales, but we were all disappointed that Chris wasn't able to land what would have been a trophy fish. But then again, the 2013 Season is not too far away for him.

Landing a Big Yellowfin

Our primary goal on day 2 was to land George a big Yellowfin Tuna, so off we headed to the famous Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa to see what type of action we could find. Once we spotted the birds, we threw out a live Blue Runner but we didn’t get a hit. We repositioned the boat ahead of the feeding birds and threw out the bait once again. Bang, the 30 wide was ripping line off the reel but I patiently waited to ensure that the fish had fully engulfed his meal before pushing the drag lever slightly forward to allow the circle hook to find the sweet spot. Fish on! George fought his big Tuna like a pro and after a few powerful runs, the fish was boat side ready for the gaff. George had his trophy-size Yellowfin and we were pleased to have given him that opportunity. After a few photographs of the proud angler with his trophy fish, we headed to Hannibal Bank only to find four long liner boats anchored up and bottom fishing in the area. What a disappointment it is to see how the long liners can continue to destroy the area without impunity.

Rooster Time

Now it was Steve's turn to hook up with his first ever Roosterfish that he had dreamed about for so long. Conditions looked tough with the water color green from the previous night's rain washing mud and assorted debris into the ocean. We saw lots of coconuts, palm leaves and trunks, wash-boards, you name it, floating by. But let's not forget that this is September and rainy season in Panama means lots of flotsam. Moving forward, we had a couple of nice hits but no hook up. On the last likely spot, we were finally in business with Steve hooked up to a Roosterfish. After a typical Rooster fight, Steve boated his fish for a few photographs and a live release. These are a beautiful sporting fish and we always make every effort to release them alive.

Thanks to our new Friends

On behalf of all of us at Come Fish Panama, we would like to thank Chris, George, Steve and Brian for joining us in this fishing adventure. We realize there are many providers to choose from, and we are grateful they chose Come Fish Panama. These long-time friends and fishing partners enjoyed pretty good action, and we look forward to their return during the peak season for even better action. Please contact us so you too can be in on the action. It all happens at Come Fish Panama. Enjoy the photographs below.

Tight Lines from Tropical Panama,

Capt. Kerry H. Leggett
Tel- 414-484-6131 U.S. Sale Representative
Tel- 507-6530-9669 Panama Sales Representative
Boca Chica, Republic of Panama

CFP- Chris popper fishing the yellowfin.jpg 67.7 KB Inline
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CFP- Brian's 1st Tuna.jpg 73.2 KB Inline
CFP- Brian popper fishing for Mahi.jpg 43.7 KB Inline
CFP- Yellowfin on light tackle:jig.jpg 82.6 KB Inline
CFP- George bending another Rod as well!!!.jpg 72.8 KB Inline
CFP- Yellowfin Tuna on Popper .jpg 75.1 KB Inline
CFP- Mahi on Popper.jpg 97.5 KB Inline
CFP- Steve bending another Rod.jpg 78.9 KB Inline
CFP- Brian & Steve with Roosterfish.jpg 96.4 KB Inline
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CFP- Some of the catch.jpg 54.9 KB Inline
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CFP- Chris showing us how it's done.jpg 119 KB Inline
CFP- Brian with Yellowfin in hand.jpg 74.6 KB Inline
CFP- Steve hooking up with Wahoo.jpg 56.1 KB Inlin

If you can't see the photo's click on this link
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