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Tiger Musky Flies
I have been lurking in the craft and sewing shops lately and have been tying these flies with mono thread that dressmakers use to hem pants etc.

It is a very strong thread and cinches down tight, yet is not as bulky as fishing line.
Has anyone else used this as a tying thread for TM flies, or should I go back and buy the expensive kevlar stuff?

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image/jpeg aperchfly.jpg (98.2 KB)
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Re: [WaveWolf] Tiger Musky Flies In reply to
That's a good looking perch fly! I'd fish it.

I've never tied any fly with mono. I wonder why you would you need to? I used to tie several hundred pike flies a season, and got them all chewed up fishing and guiding in Canadian waters that were just full of pike. I mean, dozens of hook ups daily, big toothy ones. I used single strand floss to tie with, and super-glued the head, butt, and any other tie-down point that was exposed. The materials on the fly itself would get chewed up before the thread wraps would get mangled or come loose. I now do the same thing on my tarpon flies.

Kevlar is an option, like you mentioned. A cheaper alternative might be a small filler spool of small diameter Spectra braided line such as Power Pro. I've tied jigs and other "lures" with it.

But with fly durability, super glue is your friend, at least it is for me. It really holds large bulky flies together well.


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Re: [Tarponjim] Tiger Musky Flies In reply to
Thanks Jim ...... The spectra braids might work good.
I use super glue on the big flies, but I could really crank down on the mono ........ I was just wondering if it would loosen up with time/temp etc.
I'll wind some old spectra I have on a spool and give it a shot.

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