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Re: [flygoddess] Sonar Made Easy.

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Re: [flygoddess] Sonar Made Easy. In reply to
flygoddess wrote:
These guys got a hold of me and were actually interested in my needs.
I have several inflatables I fish from. While all being North Fork Outdoors, I use a 14" inflatable boat to SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)
I am a fly fisher and need sonar for depths specially when deep nymphing.
I have been doing this for 50+ years and come up with some ideas of my own, but these guys/gals took it to a new level of one size fits all.
Thanks Fish Finder for caring and understanding

Flygoddess, does the transducer have the ability to flip up and out of the water? Nice feature to have for protection and storage during launch from shallow water. I can't tell from the pictures or the website. I like the concept of their magnetic mounts if it allows you to instantly pull off the transducer for the same reason.


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