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Looking at starting up a new bait and tackle shop...
My boyfriend and I are getting very serious about starting a bait and tackle shop here in southeastern Nebraska. In our area, there are currently only 2 stand-alone bait shops. The reviews for both of the existing shops are not and have not been positive for quite a while: rude owners/staff, bad bait being sold, over priced products, and the general consensus is that the local anglers are getting tired of the same crappy service from these two businesses. Another complaint that I've seen popping up on Social Media is that the current places are not open at convenient hours for serious anglers.
I have done a little research and have a few starting points (write mission statement, business plan, budgets, find a location, decide which inventory to start with and expand from there, equipment requirements, etc).
My questions that I have at this time:
1. How long of a time frame are we looking at from starting from scratch to being up and running?
2. What would you recommend as starting inventory?
3. How much cost are we looking at to get entirely up and running?
4. Would you recommend starting out with set hours or seasons to be open, or would you break out of the gate with a full-on 24-hour bait and tackle shop?
5. We fully recognize that fishing licenses and park passes, alcohol, beverages, snacks and ice are also necessities while fishing. Should we plan on starting our business with these things in stock, or grow our business a bit first, then dive into those things?
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