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First Sturgeon Catch - Video
Well it finally happened. Jared took my dad, uncle and I out on the river in search of sturgeon. We had never fished for them before. Took us to a spot that apparently held some sturgeon. First caught some suckers before a great hookup and a well fought battle by Jared for a best first fish ever on a new rod that I've ever seen! Then I hooked my first too. Great times. Now I'll have to go in search of a white sturgeon near home.

The North Saskatchewan River is a great place to search for all kinds of fish including the Lake Sturgeon. These fish grow to very large sizes and sometimes reach over and 100 pounds. They are an excellent fighting fish and often clear the water as the jump during long runs up and down river. Powerful fish. In this video an online fishing buddy Jared takes us out to a sturgeon hole on his jet boat. While we only caught two sturgeon we had a great day catching lots of other fish and watching several sturgeon roll on the surface in the area. If you want to head out I hope this video can help you find a sturgeon and show how a Deeper sonar can help you find the Deeper holes in the river where the sturgeon prefer to live. I was pretty excited to get my first sturgeon even if it wasn't a giant.
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