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Is monofilament dead?
I like most of you grew up using monofilament line and have noticed improvements over the years. But certain things haven't changed such as the amount of stretch and line memory that is responsible for so many bird's nests if line isn't changed more than once a year.

Braid and fluorocarbon seem to address mono problems and surprises anyone who uses them for the first time. When braid first came out, many companies sold defective line that frayed or was too stiff. Eventually most were discontinued and now anglers have a selection to chose from. But even braid has its drawbacks which is where fluorocarbon comes in.

I'm tempted to use a mono leader just to see the difference between that an f/c leader. Spooling mono as backing to braid so as to stretch a spool of braid further seems the only use for over a thousand yards of mono I've stored over the years. There's no way I'll ever use it 100% on any reel and wonder if mono will eventually disappear. I even use braid on my spincast reels (push button) and still able to get nice casting distance using 1/16 oz jigs and plastics. No more reeling like crazy to keep the hook from coming out.
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