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Winter whitefish on the fly rod

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Winter whitefish on the fly rod
I know some of you guys may go to bc snowmobiling and skiing in the winter. If you're in the Vernon / kelowna area in November/ December bring your fly rod and go check out the shore fishing for whites. Sight fishing huge schools. 10 to 50 fish at a time. Success seems to vary on the day. This was my first try.

Fly Fishing for whitefish on Kalamalka lake in the winter months was introduced to me this year. I went out and walked along the shore until I noticed schools of mountain whitefish. Then I set up and started casting out small black flies on a float. They liked slow movement of the fly. Either a falling fly or a slowly pulled fly. The wind action also seems to help a big. These hard fighting fish are great fund to catch and the schooling behavior is fun to watch even when they aren't biting. If anyone knows what kind of whites these are i'd be interested in knowing. Look like some sort of mountain white but don't quite have the snout of the Rocky Mountian whites I've caught before.
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