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Beginner questions

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Beginner questions
Always wanted to, never had time, just retired and had my first fly fishing lesson.
Thank you Fly West on 10600 S. for the free lesson, great instructor as well. I live in Sandy and my neighbor told me that on 10000 S. next to Jordan River is a fishing pond that's good to practice my fly fishing and as well has a nice area where my wife can sit and read and have bathroom facilities close by. I'm looking for these kinds of places so my wife and I can enjoy time together and have convenience of bathrooms near bye for her. I thought there would be many web sites that I would find for this but I haven't seen any. After I get more confident I would like to find some place on the Provo or other areas. If anyone has good information I could really use some suggestions. My good friend pretty much let me know there is no such place but he's also the same one who suggested the pond in Sandy. I'm looking forward to reading all the different threads on this site I'm sure there are ton's of things I am going to learn. Thank You.
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