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Knot and line ? from beginner

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Knot and line ? from beginner
Just want verification/suggestion on setting up my first fly.
Here's what I understand when prepping the line and fly.

1- Backing line * nail knot * 8 to 10 inch of 20 to 30 lb. line * loop to loop tied by using double surgeon knots to make loops * leader line at whatever length it's prepackaged at ?? * surgeon knot * Tipit line, I'm thinking about 3 to 4 feet long tipit * improved clinch knot * Fly.

I hope that made sense.. Please let me know if this is a proper technique. Give me suggestions, this is why I'm asking. My next step is to go to the internet and see what video's are available to help me out.

A note to "DryRod": Sorry about that plug. I got the message.
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