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Lure eye color ??

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Lure eye color ??
Finally organized my hard plastics and have a fairly respectable collection, wanting to transition more into lures than and use less live bait, particularly minnows.
Noticed a overwhelming majority have yellow eyes, even when it doesn't contrast well with the pupil or head color. Just a handful have other colors, mostly reddish. I know there's a lot of variety out there nowadays, I like the look of the iridescent, 3-d, or real looking types but wondering if the fake/goofy eyes are just as good or better, kind of like how real bait fish don't rattle but lures do.
Seems like common sense to use real looking eyes for clearer waters or slower retrieval, or flashier for muddy water or low light, things like that but how important important is the eye even? Might be more important to us than the fish. Seems like the fish would have to be looking down at the side of the fish to see much of the eye anyway.
Just wondering if anyone has any eye color preferences or thought about it of any kind.
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