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Sturgeon 9/9-9/11

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Sturgeon 9/9-9/11
Well my trip wasn't as great as Kent's and my post is late, but I did manage a personal best. Cousin Gene from Ark. joined me for the 3 day trip. It was his third time to chase them. The first day started slow with no bites until mid afternoon. Gene was having zero luck with only one bite. I managed to land 3 smaller ones measuring 48", 64", and 70" with a couple missed bites.
At 5pm my rod almost jumped out of the rod holder as the rod bent over and line screamed from the reel. Setting the hook was unnecessary but I hit him hard anyway. Gene grumbled as he began to cleared the other rods and rear anchor, but he was too slow and the fish braided two of the other lines before leaping into the air. I saw that he was huge one and a great fight was on. This was in the same area that a large one had broken my rod last year and this could be the same one. Time for me to get some revenge perhaps. After unweaving the other lines from mine, the battle continued with yet another leap into the air. Several time he would roll and unroll making me think that I had lost him, only to strip more line and head for the bottom.
After 30 minutes I had all but about 70 feet of line back on the reel when a notice a 2 foot section of my line was badly frayed where he drug it across a rock. I loosened the drag a couple clicks for which he quickly took advantage of and peeled of another several yard of line. Twice I got the frayed area back on the reel just to have him remove it again. Once again I had the damaged line on the reel and managed to get him up to the boat along side the measuring pole. Gene grabbed his mouth as I loosened the drag and set the rod in the holder. I reached for the Sheppard's stick to pull his tail up for a measurement. As soon as I touched his tail, he twisted out of Gene's hand and dove for the bottom with the hook still attached. Once again I grabbed the rod, increased the drag as much as I dared and fought him for another 5 minutes before he was truly tired out as was I. We got him up to the measuring pole and he was an even 8 foot long. This was my personal best and came with a great fight.
He was the last fish of the day. Day two gave me a 72"er and Gene 2 more bites. Poor Gene offered to buy my rod that all the fish were taken on, but no deal was made. Day 3 was windy, so we went up to Glenn's Ferry to look around for new places to fish. We ended the day with 4 squawfish was all.
Not as good of a trip as Kent had later in the week, but it was a great one for me.
PS. Gene did catch 2 squawfish, so he didn't get skunked. He had hopes of duplicating his two back to back 7 footers from the last trip we made in June.

No pictures were made.
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