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Never really fished the west side of Cache Valley but last week I decided to get out there and paddle around before the bad weather hit.

I got out there twice, the first day I launched from Benson marina. At the ramp area there were a bunch of smaller fish that seemed to be feeding on something on the surface. They were jumping. Not sure what they were, they were about 3 or 4 inches. I tried catching them with a tiny crank bait, jigging and fly with no luck.

I got the kayak in the water after a while, I was looking for bass since I hear there are a few around. No luck at all. Floated down one side and came back up the other side. I did manage a catfish on a senko worm.

The next day I launched from the other ramp closer to Newton. Again I was looking for bass. I tried spinners, worms, jigging with tubes, crank baits. I got skunked. I've got lots to learn about the area. There are lots of carp though.
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