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I'm new

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I'm new
Greetings, I am new to fishing, like very new, and I need some help to start out. I got a fishing pole from a neighbor brand new because he didn't want it and I always wanted to learn more about this hobby. I just got the pole and the brand is ugly stick.

It says this on the pole, which I think tells me what kind of rod it is:

6'6" medium heavy 10-20 pound lb. line 1/4 - 3/4 oz. lure

Can this pole go into saltwater and catch saltwater fish?

I also need to know how to buy the right stuff and what should I buy to start out.

Like hooks, fishing line, reels, etc.

I really REALLY want to know how to tie knots and how I can put on the weight, hook, and bobber on the fishing line. I am really confused about that.

I don't really have anyone here to teach me and I would really appreciate the help. I cant wait to start fishing!

Thank you and God Bless :)
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