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Pelican Bay - Got a Big One!

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Pelican Bay - Got a Big One!
Iím a daily reader of this forum and have always wondered if one day I would have something interesting to share. Well, today is that day! With the water up in Utah Lake Iíve been exploring the lake for the first time this year paying close attention to my electronics / maps. My wife decided to tag along today which was really cool because I wanted to launch from Pelican Bay in Saratoga Springs for the first time ever and felt like I needed the help.

We exit the marina and turn south - I drop the trolling motor, raise the outboard, and follow the shoreline in about 4 feet of water. Iím casting a spinning rod toward the shore targeting White Bass for about 10 minutes when Iím hung up on the bottom. But, wait - drag is peeling and my rod is going crazy. I finally realize I am not snagged but I canít imagine what hit my lure. I put the trolling motor in anchor mode and Iím still thinking to myself I am snagged but a snag doesnít move like this! I finally get whatever this thing is under the boat only to have it dart off again. Finally, it comes to the surface and holy crap - a giant (for me) Catfish that I weighed at 8 lbs. I tell you - it felt way bigger than that in the net. After it surfaced I realized I foul hooked it through the top fin. How the heck does one do that? Lucky or unlucky I donít know. Anyway, snapped a couple of photos and returned it to the lake.

Caught a couple of White Bass after that but my day was already made. We cruised over to the Provo River inlet - not much happening over there but there was plenty of bank fishing going on.

What a memory - and my wife was there to see, photograph and video it!
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