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Been awhile since I have been on board here. Hubby Retired this year first of June so we spent the entire summer in Idaho right next to the little Blackfoot River and the Blackfoot Res.
We have a trailer up there, and have a boat slip so every day was fishing of some kind.
Boats were left in the water all summer with checking air level once a week.
We have the two man NFO Dave Scadden Contender rigged with 9.8 Gas motor and electric in front.
BUT, the boat I would like to talk about is the DETONATOR LOW PRO X

They are smaller diameter pontoons for less wind resistance. The Drop Stitched seat area will feel solid. Same material used in the floor of his boats and the Stand Up Paddle Boards. A tough as heck. Boat weighs under 30 lbs and 9' long. This ol girl could carry it.
Then to top it off, it can be deflated and rolled up small enough to fit in a Duffle bag I bought at Recreation Outlet.
It also has a built in motor mount, and a Skeg under it for rivers. It comes with the cloth seat but I use the optional molded plastic.
Great boat, and will last many many years.

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