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Green Tomatoes

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Green Tomatoes
Last August I planted a small Early Girl tomato I found in Walmarts reduced pile. I just pulled it 4 days ago before our first frost. Not being a fan of fried green tomatoes I found a receipt for green tomato relish. Awesome taste. I think I'll cut back on the cucumber one because this tasted so good. Had 25 on the plant when I pulled it. med - small for sure but thats a lot more than my big boys did. I'll be planting them next year for sure. Two hills of my squash did well as well. 74 was the final count. Of course they took up a big chunk of lawn, but thats ok. As with you guys melons didn't do well for me either. Honey dew or watermelon. I did get three crops of beans, so I'll be cashing in on those next year. Planted garlic this past month. First time for me, see what happens. After losing one chicken to egg birthing the three left are doing fine with 2-3 per day. We have decided to make a larger coop next year to house 10 more. Going to try and mount a metal dog cage with skitters so I can move it around the yard. Just have to figure out how to hang the roosting area to the metal fence. Looking for a used rotor tiller as this 8" one is just too small if I make the garden bigger. May use straw next year as well as the plastic didn't work as well for me between beens and other small plants.

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