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DMAD Reservoir Fishing ?

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DMAD Reservoir Fishing ?
Been looking at some "different" locations to try, just to change things up a bit.

DMAD Reservoir in Millard county (near Delta) has popped up in some social media sites as of late for some pike catches. I also note that the DWR has been stocking it with Walleye this year.

Like Sgt Shultz - "I Know Nothing!" "Nothing." about this body of water but am tempted to go exploring for the fun of it

Any of our membership every wandered this body of water and willing to offer some thoughts on it?

Yukon the cowboy-pirate, acting crew-chief of Adventures with Cookie and the Cowboy

REMEMBER: Keep the lid on the worms, always share your jerky, and wave when you see the pirate crew.
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