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Provo Harbor report 12/4/19

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Provo Harbor report 12/4/19
I fished at Provo Harbor yesterday between noon and 4. I knew that my annual pass was expired and didn't want to buy a day pass. I spotted what I thought was a DWR pickup over by the docks so I drove up there and asked the officer how to buy the annual pass. He said, "You have to be here when somebody is here." Then I realized that he must be the guy. He let me in and sold me the pass. I also found out that they keep the (toasty) restrooms on the west side open. And the two hand driers are perfectly located so that you can thaw both hands at the same time Smile.

I had seen on the Nest cam that someone was fishing out on the docks to the south the last couple of days so I went down there first. Turned out that they had locked them up. But one man was fishing at the end of the walkway and he said he had caught one crappie. There were two good spots to fish from and he said that he didn't mind me using the other one. I decided though that I would try over on the north docks. There was a skim of ice there and I knocked a couple of holes through and went fishing. In an hour I had one strong bite but that was it. So I went back over to the first place I mentioned. While I was thawing my hands the gent who was there left. I chopped another hole through the ice and went to town. Eventually I got a bite but thought it got off. When I was reeling in to check my bait I found that I had a 6" wb on. Well at least I could post another species on the Ice Challenge scoreboard. A little later I got a perch on the exact same setup: an inch of nightcrawler on a white and green tungsten jig. Up two. Now I needed a crappie to get the trifecta. I had been fishing all day with nary a nibble on a white and green glow Ratso so I changed it out for a green Atomic Teaser tipped with worm. I just hung it near the bottom and jigged it a little sometimes while concentrating on jigging the other one. Suddenly the rod tip started dancing and I set the hook into a bigger fish. Okay it was only a 10" wb, but compared to the others it was a lunker. Ah, perspective.

I never had any luck with the "waxworms" I had bought at the Springville Walmart (Spanish Fork doesn't have any). Turns out that when I was checking for good lively waxworms I had gotten ahold of butter worms instead. They look like darker-colored supersized waxworms. Has anybody used them with success?

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