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Hooks are Dangerous

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Hooks are Dangerous
I was fishing about 30 miles from my home on a private lake by myself. I had caught 25-30 bass on lipless and medium running crankbaits. I was coming up to deep water and I knew there was a stump row on the deep breakline. I decide to tie on a deep-diving crankbait and work the stumps with it. The first cast I made I started reeling when all of the sudden I felt a stump, so I slowed my retrieve down and work it up the stump. It just stopped and the fight was on, she fought for awhile and then decided to jump, about the third time the lure came undone and came at my face. I jerked my face back and the front trebles went into my lower lip and mouth. One hook embedded in my lower lip the the lure flipped around and one of the other hooks decided to go thru the inside of my lower lip. Neither of the 2 of 3 hooks went completely thru they were embedded. I had to cut the line and then the lower hook got caught in my coat and I had to cut it free. Here I am 30 miles from home with a crankbait stuck in my lower lip and nothing to cut the hooks off with, plus I'm bleeding really bad.
I went up to the farm house at the lake and no one was home so I loaded up everything and drove 30 miles home and had the hooks removed from my lip. The Doctor said that I was lucky the one hook swung around and went on the inside because if it hadn't of they would of went thru my gums then I would have been in all sorts of trouble.
Just be careful out there,who would of thought that something like that would have happened. I sure learned my lesson and will really be careful from now on.
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