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$25.oo Superbowl XXXVII

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$25.oo Superbowl XXXVII

CoolIts that time of year again,Cool

Grab your chips and dip get your cooler set beside you on the sofa there, cause this search and find will be a tough one.

here is what you are looking for...


some where burried in the archives of our message boards you will find these two foot balls, they will be hidden in different places.

your task is to find the foot ball of the winning team and reply to that post.

do not reply to it before the end of the superbowl game, if you do, you will fumble the ball and cause the ball to move some where else in the message board.

you have a week to find the balls, you must be the first to reply to the winning team ball after the superbowl game.

the winner will receive a $25.oo E-Gift certificate redeamanble at the Bass Pro Shop here at our Superstore.

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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