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fast or slow

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fast or slow
I recently found this site and do enjoy it. I would like to enjoy it even more, so here is my question. I have been accessing the site from my work computors. It's pretty fast (T1 speed), I have tons of available time sitting here with numerous computors at my access. But I would like to visit here while at home also.
I've accessed it multiple times from my home PC which is on the dreaded Dial up. And of course it is unbearably to slow while it downloads all the banners, advertising and what not, everytime you change a page/forum. Other then getting off the dial up and getting something faster, is there something else I can do that could speed up the process?
I've pretty much giving up looking at it at home, way to slow, so I find myself visiting/posting on other forums I'm registered to. I don't really have a speed issue with them (at least 8 other fishing sites).
Am I just out of luck?

Team Quill
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