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Float Tubing June 14th

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Float Tubing June 14th
It was so nice to see the sun and calm skies after such a long bout of really lousy weather. I loaded up my Renegade and motor and headed out to do a little prospecting to find some willing fish in a different reservoir.

I ended up having to do a little detouring to avoid some field burning, so I thought I would just take a side trip up into the hills, and look at some creeks while I was at it. Yep, they are still running pretty high and off color.

Then I thought about seeing if I could get up a bit higher and look as some tributaries that I wanted to investigate.

This is really turning into a major detour now. As you can see I am easily distracted and have a short attention span!

The road was not great in spots, but it was ok. There was no mud, and it wasn’t soft, so I wasn’t damaging it by being on it too soon. When it had dried out, it left one or two of these “mud puddles”. Good thing that there is a nice hard rock base in this area, otherwise I may have been using my float tube in this lake in the road!

So after a bit of a hike…….Success! This little feeder stream is running higher, but is almost completely clear. I am practically dancing in anticipation when I spot a fish in a side pool. I can hardly wait to try this creek out. I love small creek fishing!

As I was rigging up my 4wt rod, I realized that most of what I had with me is for lake fishing! I know I have nymphs and streamers but, I like to fish little streams with small dries. I began searching franticly through my junk, and I found that once again my packrat tendencies will pull me through. I have a small box of dries with me - Perfect! …… but looks like it is chapstick for floatant again. I wonder if the fish prefer SPF 15 or 30??

It is sure beautiful up here! The wild flowers are amazing, and everything is so green.

There are lots of bugs in the air -- from midges to an occasional mayfly and even a stray caddis thrown in every once in awhile. I tied on a little elk hair caddis, and holding my breath I cast it out. Nope, two snubs and a splashy tail flip said that that was a poor choice. I hadn’t been there 10 minutes, and I was already changing flies! I tied on a parachute adams and bingo! We have a winner!

Little native cutthroats – how sweet it is.

Needless to say I spent the day on the creek. My float tube just went along with me for the ride!
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