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Biggest catch of my life

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Biggest catch of my life
So I went to Bogart Park(cherry valley, CA) today, because the night before(last night) I was getting cats biting nonstop. Didn't have luck all day on hotdogs, until I was ready to leave, had a bad cast and lost my bait so I stopped the cast with a touch of my hand and started reeling, and snagged a carp in the tail, with a size 14 treble! It wasn't letting go, either, and he put up one helluva fight (4 pound monofil).
12-15 minutes later, he was finally netted by a friendly local, and that was the first time I ever held a fish by the gill. The feeling of catching a catch that big was extremely intense, as my biggest catch before that was a 2 pound rainbow.

Hoping bogart continues to deliver, maybe not quite that big, but even a 2 pound cat I'm happy with! For those of you who don't know (which is probably a lot), bogart park is a small pond, maybe 140 feet from end to end at the widest part.

I can't seem to find the attachment, if anybody could point it out to me. Since hte attachment didn't seem visible to me, I'll add this pic.

Oops, didn't notice the carp forum. Sorry!

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