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A great flyfishing movie

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A great flyfishing movie
While sitting in the fly shop and since winter is on us Ive been watching some flyfishing videos.

I am some what surprised by how good the good ones are, and how poor some of the others are.

The best movie: (by far the best).... ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. A great movie about fishing with mice in NZ when mice over run the area. Great video work as well, a real treat to watch. Heres a link.

Worst by far:
I dont even remember the name but an english gentleman that was more interested in videoing his young southern wife flyfishing than actually making a video that had anything good about flyfishing in it. She would catch a fish and climb up the rod and down the line with her hands to get to the fish and then grab the fish by the gills and squeeze. It was a horrible film.
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