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Florida Peacock bass on Teeny Popper

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Florida Peacock bass on Teeny Popper
caught 2 on the bone color teeny popper!

It's been a while since a peacock bass on the popper,the fish don't come at the lure as aggressive since its not a fast moving lure but it gets them. What i do notice is that they swirl around the lure kinda like a shark circling its prey,lots of times you'll catch glimpse of a dorsal fin as they checks out the lure. So it's still exciting but the fish do tend to turn away from it at times..

Paulpro PP

P.S. couple largemouth bass in the video as well enjoy!Smile

Got Pacu?
image/jpeg pop1.jpg (745 KB)
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Re: [Paulypro] Florida Peacock bass on Teeny Popper In reply to
That is awesome I wished I lived where there some peacock bass!!
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