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Yamaha motors

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Yamaha motors
Last year I bought another boat. As I looked it over at the time I bought it I could tell it was under a state of neglect. The state of neglect didn't warrant me to walk away from the deal. My main is the F150 and kicker is T9.9 high thrust. While both motors ran good at time of purchase I knew I had to get them into preventive mode. Not knowing what maintenance upkeep has been done I knew I was going to list a priority to bring piece of mind. Money well spent in my opinion and the list is getting checked off.
Impeller changes
Oil changes-
power heads and lower units
Tune ups
Main motor fuel injectors cleaning, observed leakage at injectors at
Both motor flushes since extensive ocean salt water use
Replaced or cleaned zinc anodes internal & external both motors
Timing belt change on main, kicker next
A main motor stainless steel reprop for better motor performance at our
New batteries
Both throttle & shift cables on main due attention possible replacement
While taking care of these items, other accessories on board throughout boat also needed some attention. I had to replace the kicker trollmaster II throttle control. A new fishfinder has surfaced now on my list. The Raymarine Dragonfly Pro 7? has my attention. So many electronic selections. Other add ons also appearing on the list.

Harrisville, Ut
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Re: [Bduck] Yamaha motors In reply to
Wow Roger, you don't mess around when you buy a used boat, it should be good to go for many years to come, when you are done. I have a Trollmaster throttle control as well and love it but I'm courage, did you had to buy a whole new unit when you replaced it? What exactly was wrong with your old one?

BFT administrator and moderator
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Yamaha motors In reply to
The throttle control was fubar at control unit which wouldn't display correctly with straight lines when power was applied and servo at kicker also wouldn't work. I replaced the unit completely. Throttle shift cable also broken, dealer squared that with me. This boat has seen a lot of salt water use coming from Everett, Washington but has a lot of life in it still.
Something else I forgot to mention was all trailer bearings, seals with bearing buddies had to be replaced. Also had to replace all trailer lights with wiring throughout trailer and install new rubber to roll on. I never put it in a position to not use it. I'm having the thought of repainting and new floor installed. Another item modification is to install kicker throttle control kit from helm. Eliminating tiller handle is the goal. This keeps the cabin fever from settling in.

Harrisville, Ut