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How I Modified My Floating Slide!

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How I Modified My Floating Slide!
Fish For Bottom & Surface Fish With 1 Cast!

This is my modified version of my original floating slide. This Gen#2 variant is meant for choppy surface conditions. Because of the increased buoyancy over Gen#1 you can hang more weight off this larger float. This'll create a more stable presentation for the baited line as well. The bait will also maintain a even posture and won't flip over the main line on choppy surface conditions because of the increased egg lead size used, even if the leader line is short due to shallower depths.

The biggest advantage to this style i'm creating is i can slide a weighted slide down first, then deploy the floating slide afterwards. Two baits. One on the bottom, the other sub-surface. The floats were meant for shallow water use (2-8ft). Also being on high ground (ie a pier or sand bank) would help. The usage of the floating slide is determined on how high the rod is and if the water is shallow.