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lafae7, Nickajack, LM, 2-11-2017, Self ...

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lafae7, Nickajack, LM, 2-11-2017, Self and dad
I had great day today on nickajack. I haven't had a day like this in a while except for yesterday emolaugh. I forced myself to get away from fishing memory spots to fishing all new areas today and also yesterday. I caught all my fish on the bottom. That was key. I could not get any fish to bite a moving bait. Some of the fish I caught even had mud stained bellies. All fish came between 5 and 45 feet on anything fished on the bottom. Surface Water temps ranged about 48.6 to 49.5 about everywhere I went. overall it was a great time with dad that I will never forget. These pictures are from yesterday. Today I was just too busy to take pictures. Friday I had 3 fish over 5# and one over 7# in about 4 cast with a whole lot of keeper fish in 3 hours. Today I just averaged 4 pound keepers and lost a real big one that looked about 10 and caught fish about all day culling ounces at a time. Only advice I can give or recommend is that you should put down your a-rigs and cranking baits and pick up a some soft plastics. Go old fashioned emotoast