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Ice Fishing Perch Tactics

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Ice Fishing Perch Tactics
Perch... stunted, but someone asked me a few weeks ago about perch tactic updates, well I go through my whole tactical approach throughout this video if you're interested. This is in BC though... Still snowing like crazy today in Vancouver. Heading to AB soon for another week on the ice. Looks like it will be a cold, snowy March for the end of the ice season.
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Re: [Calicanuck] Ice Fishing Perch Tactics In reply to
Another great Video, I might have missed it but what jig is your favorite for perch and what does it do that you think makes it work so well. I know you use slender lures at times but after reading a article in In-Fisherman, the Jan-Feb edition, I was really surprised at the huge number of spoons out there.

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