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going to Sacramento

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going to Sacramento
I will be coming to Sacramento here in a couple of weeks for work. last time i went my hotel was right on the river near jiboom st. question is can i fish there and if i did would it be worth the time? I am originally from utah and can gear up for most any kind of fish but would like to experience what that river might have to offer. any tips or info would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: [Hardecker] going to Sacramento In reply to
You may be able to find some nice Chrome Domes, Trout, Salmon, Stripers Shad and even Sturgeon.

Sturgeon will feed on the bottom. Cut bait is best for them. If you catch some shad, you can save it for bait for the Sturgeon and the Stripers.

Stripers will hit up and down the thermocline.

Chrome Domes (Steelhead) and Trout will hit best around the eddies in the river. Salmon will be in the same areas but near the bottom.

If you have a flyswatter, fishing will be off the chain with the Chrome domes, trout and Salmon. 5wt with sinking tip and tapered 4lb leader.

If you decide to venture out a bit, Watts Ave bridge used to be one of my favorite hotspots. Between Howe ave and Watts Ave are some of the best holding pockets. That will take you away from the Delta but put you into some of the better Trout and Salmon waters.

The Sacramento river is best if you want Striped Bass. The Stripers can range from 10 to 50lbs so dress accordingly. Cool

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Re: [Hardecker] going to Sacramento In reply to
Liable to be high and muddy water coming down the Sacramento. But where the American comes in, at Discovery park, you can fish off the point on the north side where the rivers come together. Chuck out a piece of sardine and let it lay on the bottom where the color lines come together. Most likely you will get small stripers and some cats. But I have caught some big stripers there too.

Too early for shad. That will be in May.

Might be some late steelhead still up in the American River. But salmon are pretty much done and gone.

A lot will depend on the flows and the clarity.