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Berry conditions 3/15

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Berry conditions 3/15
Great conditions today at the Berry.
Only about an inch of snow is all that is covering the ice. No slush. Great travel conditions at least from the marina to Renegade. Break out the ATVs and go fishing. It is going to be at least a month before you can get a boat on Strawberry so why not get out and enjoy the ice fishing.

Fished in 42 ft of water. Caught fish between 24 to 39 feet. The bite was so soft it reminded me of fishing at Scofield in the olden days. The picture is from the ramp at the marina.
image/jpeg berry ramp.jpg (2.03 MB)
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Re: [klam] Berry conditions 3/15 In reply to
How think was the ice? Taking the kids up tomorrow since it's supposed to be such nice weather and taking the rzr over to rennegade.
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Re: [Chuuk] Berry conditions 3/15 In reply to
I was up on the 13th ice was 40" plus, it is multiple white layers with clear at the bottom. Plenty of safe ice still if that's your question.
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Re: [weekdaysandends] Berry conditions 3/15 In reply to
Was at Renegade bay today. 2 weeks ago the ice was around 36 inches thick, maybe a little less. We setup 50 to 100 yards East of the renegade boat ramp and outhouse. Today we were at the same location. Ice measured 23 inches thick. It is going fast. There was a layer of frozen slush, 4 to 6 inches of water, more frozen slush, more water and then about 4 inches of solid clear ice. 50 yards further to the east, it was again 23 inches thick, but only 1 layer of water separating the frozen slush from the ice. You can drill 4 inches into the slush and the hole will fill with water. The ice is not very hard, it drills extremely fast. Unless it gets cold again, I am through for the year. The ice is getting rotten and weak. There was a group of people all the way across the bay to the North, another to the far East end next to the mountain. A group of 3 snow mobiles rode into the bay area about a quarter mile to the North of us and setup fishing about 11 a.m.. Other than that we had the whole area to ourselves. We stayed until 11:30 and then left. It was hot. I was in my shirt sleeves for a part of the morning. Temp was 43 at the boat ramp when we left to come home. The ice will be on the lake for sometime yet, but as far as I am concerned, it is getting near the rotten stage... very soft. It was 28 degrees when we arrived at the Strawberry Marina at 7:30 a.m. Oh... fishing was okay. All cutts. Caught 1 large bow 2 weeks ago and the rest cuts.
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Re: [kj] Berry conditions 3/15 In reply to
I was out yesterday afternoon at Soldier Creek. Ice was 28" thick and dropping fast. I was there 3/4 and the ice was over 36". The edges are sketchy. Me and my buddy poked through a few times getting on and off when we were within 10 ft of shore. Luckily I was able to touch bottom when I went through but I dropped down to my waist at one point. A guy on a snowmobile saw us getting ready to go at the end of the day and offered us a ride out which we were more than happy to accept. I'm a self described ice fishing addict and I am done for the season. We got lots of very light bites but were not able to set the hook good enough to bring them up.