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Lincoln Beach 3-15

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Lincoln Beach 3-15
Weather was unusually good for Utah Lake, comfortable with no wind. Fish in front of the Orchards from 9:00 to 3:00. Water depth from 2.5 to 7 ft. Drug jigs tipped and scented with not much luck. 1 nice cat and 1 white bass.
Missed several pecks from whities but that is to be expected. 7 or so trailers at the ramp and trucks on most every point extending west to the orchards. Dozen or so deep waders in over their waist mostly around the L, 3 or so float tubs. Really didn't witness much catching but folks seemed to be persistent so something was keeping the interest up. Walleye BIG ZERO for me.
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Re: [Dog-lover] Lincoln Beach 3-15 In reply to
Was at the orchards for a bit yesterday too. Nothing other then a few white bass for me.

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