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Bountiful pond

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Bountiful pond
Has any one fished bountiful pond this time of year. I want to take my girls tomorrow afternoon. any thing is an hour from me and my 5year old wants to catch something she doesn't care what. I'm up for suggestions for other body's of water.

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Re: [Mightymose] Bountiful pond In reply to
Drove past the other day didn't see anyone out fishing.

However, the DWR reports from March 9 are:

Bountiful Pond wasn't great but someone caught some trout with power bait.

Farmington Pond fishing is good with nightcrawlers.

Kaysville Pond fishing is good with nightcrawlers and power bait.
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Re: [nicholas2835] Bountiful pond In reply to
I fished Farmington pond the two days ago in the evening with a fly rod and landed 15 planter trout in about an hour. Just hooked them and handed the rod to my son to play.
I saw most everyone around the pond catching fish. Flies, pink power bait or worms should do the trick. I say pink power bait because I had 6 fish hit my pink indicator on the surface before I changed to a color they wouldn't eat.

Smoke 2, Out.

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