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Slump Busters

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Slump Busters
I've been in a slump since ice fishing finished up (0 for ever at Willard). This AM my wife mentioned she didn't have a lottery ticket and both games are over $140M. Loaded up my tube and headed north. Can't have a disappointed wife. After making my donation to Idaho public schools, I went looking for fishable water. Turned out to have a pretty good day. Managed to land a dozen or so rainbows. All but one was between 16 and 18 inches with one planter from last fall thrown in for good measures. Fly of the day was a blackish balanced leech fished under a bobber. I was surprised to see the mussel check station is already open just across the boarder. This year they're checking all float tubes regardless of length.


Larry flew east, one flew west,
One flew over the cuckoo’s nest...
image/jpeg ice off.jpg (2.71 MB)
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Re: [FatBiker] Stump Busters In reply to
Glad you could find the fish. Don't feel too bad about the Willard slump. I just barely caught a catfish that broke my skunk streak there. I think there are plenty of anglers who get the middle fin from the Willard fish, especially until the water warms.

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