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Largemouth Bass Trout Pickerel MIXED...

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Largemouth Bass Trout Pickerel MIXED BAG!!! Freshwater Fishing

Largemouth Bass, Brown Trout & Chain Pickerel - MIXED BAG Freshwater Fishing. I had a few spare hours today and ran at the chance to do some freshwater fishing. I have watched many suns land over the treetops and walked back through a cluster of dark branches picking at my shoulders and I been itching to see and feel it again. Its like a soft call or an inner voice... you anglers know what I mean. I went to find some crappie but wound up hitting a nice mixed bag of largemouth bass, pickerel and trout. I had to cover a large area of water in a short period of time. There are haunts loaded with crappie but they also tend to be loaded with anglers as well. However I wanted the lake to myself and of course a few fish.

The day or late afternoon started slow. I hit a few coves and tongues with no signs of aquatic life. I was tempted to weave in a popular area but wandered into a shallow weed and rock narrow instead. It paid off. I hit a healthy pickerel on a Rebel Wee Craw intended for roaming crappie. I soon saw a wake switched over to a gold Rapala and managed to catch a few more bass. I had a hunch from the get go that the first spot was gonna pan out at sunset and it did. My first cast in I lost the "big one" of the day. Looked to be a 3-4 pound largemouth bass. I soon hooked up in into a brown trout and followed up by another largemouth bass. The bite seemed to end as quick as it started with the sun just kissing the treetops. I fished into the dark but no more takers.

I do not make general plans. Nor do the fish, so we work well together. My line was old but still vibrant, my lure pulled from a pile into a smaller pile and picked from the top. Hooks rusty and balled up like cytoplasmic DNA. The day was a struggle, looking bleak but very enjoyable by all means and as always I would not trade the outcome even for the grand. It was a perfect day. Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.