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Striped Bass Fly Fishing - Early BACK...

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Striped Bass Fly Fishing - Early BACK-FLATS Springtime Action

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Striped Bass Fly Fishing, Early BACK-FLATS Springtime Action. Striped bass been all over the place so I decided to visit an old haunt I been fishing since my teenage years with my fly rod. Amazing how the same old times tides and structures never change although the flounders are not as prevalent as they once were. I started the day fishing a bit early to get my rhythm going in the cold waist deep water. I do my best fly casting on the rocks but manage to get where I need to be in the high waist deep water. I started fishing on top with a floating fly line and some weighted and not so weighted flies. The wind was gusty over 20 but opposite my casting arm so very manageable. I had one bump and turn. I took a break and changed to a very fast sinking line and a plain old white/yellow (of course a trace of red) deceiver fly. I saw a few striper come in a far amongst the crowd and as I turned my head FISH ON!!! It was a glorious clean fight. After that it was a steady pick of striped bass on the fly. Amazing how some things never change. I Hope you enjoy spending the day with me and thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.