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Side Scanning Sonor/Fish Finder
So I have a technical question about side scanning sonar/fish finders, I troll for trout and koks that early in the year are close to the surface and move deeper later in the year. As you troll along, the fish move around away from the boat. How does the beam on the new fish finders work? Does it go 180 Deg with the boat (like Humminbirds video) or do they have angle towards the bottom. Logic tells me they are angled towards the bottom but that is why I am asking.
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Re: [RJD007] Side Scanning Sonor/Fish Finder In reply to
The side scan on fish finders that have that option are able to look out up to 150 ft straight off to either side of the boat but are able to go all the way to the bottom because there is something to bounce off, before the signal returns to the finder. Since there is nothing for the side imagining to bounce off of, except fish, the max range on a finder is 150 ft.

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