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Side Scanning Sonor/Fish Finder
So I have a technical question about side scanning sonar/fish finders, I troll for trout and koks that early in the year are close to the surface and move deeper later in the year. As you troll along, the fish move around away from the boat. How does the beam on the new fish finders work? Does it go 180 Deg with the boat (like Humminbirds video) or do they have angle towards the bottom. Logic tells me they are angled towards the bottom but that is why I am asking.
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Re: [RJD007] Side Scanning Sonor/Fish Finder In reply to
The side scan on fish finders that have that option are able to look out up to 150 ft straight off to either side of the boat but are able to go all the way to the bottom because there is something to bounce off, before the signal returns to the finder. Since there is nothing for the side imagining to bounce off of, except fish, the max range on a finder is 150 ft.

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Re: [wiperhunter2] Side Scanning Sonor/Fish Finder In reply to
Digging a little deep on this, I sent Humminbird the following questions:

Pre Sales Question

I want to use the Helix 9 mega to side find fish while trolling. All the video's I have seen only shows bottoms. I am more interested in finding suspended fish at what depth and distance from the boat. Do you have any videos that show that? Can the mega do that? I mostly troll for trout and want to use the Helix to know how far out from the boat are the fish and how deep.

Also is the 360 a mega chirp?

This was their response:

Thank you for contacting Humminbird Customer Service.

No it does not show that and we do not have any videos nor do we produce videos for that. As far as the Mega it can only show Mega imaging for up to 45 feet deep after that it changes to HD. The 360 imaging is not Mega based only chirp as the 360 is a transducer on its own it can not produce mega imaging .

So, since I am not a bass fisherman, can someone explain what good is the SI other than to look at a more detailed bottom? I understand structure and how they hold fish, but if I pay that much for a fish finder, I would hope it would show fish also. Do any of the other manufactures support side finding of suspended fish?
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Re: [RJD007] Side Scanning Sonor/Fish Finder In reply to

I have the Lowrance HDS linked sonars on my boat and I have no problem seeing shallow water suspended Kokanees that are out over deep water. Typically if the Kokes are shallow I’m fishing with planer boards and snap weights no further than 30-40 feet off the side. I sent my SI at the 50’-75” scale and see everything in my planer board’s path. If you set the scale at say a 100’ the resolution is so diminished that you can’t see much of anything. Shorten your scale and you should be good to go.

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